Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church - Fulfilling the great commission as recorded in Matthew 28.
Ministries and Department

Bible Study - Wed Noon, Pastor Cecil L. Bromell                     
Bible Study - Wed Night, Pastor Cecil L. Bromell
Breakfast - Sunday Mornings
Budget, Deacon T.C. Sawyer, Jr.
CHAT - Children Helping Around Town
Children's Moment, Sis. Henrietta P. Nelson
Choir - CL Bowens
Choir - Combined
Choir - Gospel
Choir - Men's 
Choir - Praise Team
Choir - Senior
Choir - Young Adults
Choir - Youth
Christian Education, Sis. Henrietta P. Nelson
Church School, Sis. Henrietta P. Nelson
Custodian, Trustee Betty Jackson 
Deaconesses, Trustee/Deaconess LayOntra Thomas 
Deacons, Deacon T. C. Sawyer, Jr.
Emergency Food Pantry, Deacon Patsy Sawyer
4-H, Deacon Patsy Sawyer
Greeters, Sis. Herlina Morris
Grief, Sis. Henrietta P. Nelson
Health, Deaconess Pamela Ball
Holy Pause, Deacon Michael Wright, II
Hospitality, Deaconess Carmisha Thacker
Life-Skills Center, Deacon Patsy Y. Sawyer
Marriage, Minister Linda Colclough
Media, Deacon Michael Wright, II
Mid-Week Services, Pastor Cecil L. Bromell
Missionary Jr.
Missionary Sr., Deacon Margaret Augustus
Musician, Bro. Brian McFadden
New Members
Pastor's Aide, Sis. Francis Robinson
Praise & Worship
Praise Dancers (Motions of Praise), Deaconess Pamela Ball
Puppets (Calvin and Friends), Bro. Mandas 
Seasoned Saints, Sis. Herlina Morris
Sports - Basketball, Bro. Don Blakney
Steering, Pastor Cecil L. Bromell
Step Team
Transportation, Trustee Gus Robinson
Trustees, Trustee Donald Jackson 
Ushers Jr.
Ushers Sr., Deacon Margaret Augustus
Vacation Bible School
Website, Deacon Patsy Y. Sawyer
Youth Department
Youth Sunday, Deacon Michael Wright, II
YWA (Young Women's Association), Trustee Deidra Odom

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