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Church Structural Features

As one begins to notice the historic Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, they will see very interesting features, from an architectural point of view, from a small group of African Americans who had a vision. A vision and strong faith in the Lord to build and complete a building such as this in 1935. This historic church was erected during the early 1920's and mid 1930's. This endeavor to build expanded thirteen years, and the dedication to unique craftsmanship is depicted in its architectural design. This building is a testimonial to the unwavering faith of a group of believers who believed in the power of an awesome God who can do awesome things through visionary leadership.

Facing the front structure of this enormous church, you will notice that each front corner of the building has a unique masonry design of brick buttresses with three more buttresses along each side of the church structure, giving added strength to the exterior walls. 

As you approach the front entrance of the church building, you will also view three arched double doors with exposed keystones (the middle stone at the top of each arch). Each keystone juts out over each archway. Each arch is filled with stained glass with the name Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church inscribed. These three double doors lead to the first floor foyer.

Standing in front of this church, and looking upward, your eyes will take hold of two, 24 ft high, gothic design windows. These windows are divided into two sections measuring 4 ft in width. A portion of these windows can be

viewed from the second and third level foyers of the church.

As you continue gazing upon the carefully crafted brickwork and windows, you will also notice two brick towers reaching toward the heavens. Each tower houses 49 steps which lead to the sanctuary, located on the second level, and the balcony area, located on the third level. The tower near Lee Street also houses the church bell which is located within the white panel shutters. This tower is capped by a solid bronze ferule. 

Entering the front doorways of Macedonia, you will be standing in the first floor atrium. This vestibule is beautifully decorated with an iron cast table underneath a gold trimmed rectangular mirror. This foyer also houses the ladies and gentlemen's restrooms. 

As you pass through the first floor vestibule, you will walk into the fellowship hall which will also lead you to the Sunday School classrooms, conference room, Life-Skills Center office, nursery with restroom, pastor's study, church office, superintendent's office, kitchen and serving area. The fellowship hall also contains the baptismal pool.

Moving up to the second level of the church you will enter the second level atrium. Each stairway is illuminated by six stained

glass windows and two beautifully hanging ten-light chandeliers. 

This area is decorated with a gorgeous dark mahogany Spanish manufactured credenza flanked by two comfortable burgundy executive style love seats and a brass twelve-light chandelier.

Two entrances, each with a set of semi-transparent, gold-trimmed double doors separate the foyer from the beautiful sanctuary that is finished out in white and furnished with burgundy padded pews.

Upon entering the sanctuary, you will notice an elevator to the far left, on the south wall, which leads to the lower exterior level. This 500 seat capacity sanctuary has a ceiling height of 35 to 40 ft.

Each side of the sanctuary is decorated with dazzling stained glass windows. The center windows are 17 ft 4 inches tall. These two gothic style designed windows depict the triumphal life of Jesus Christ's sovereign rule. These informative windows are divided into three 2 ft 8 inch wide sections. On the south wall, this window is flanked by five shorter gothic style windows that are 13 ft 7 inches tall. On the north wall, this window is flanked by six shorter gothic style windows that are 13 ft 7 inches tall. Each window located in this breath taking sanctuary is uniquely designed to illustrate the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and includes the scripture that references that scene.

Hanging over the pulpit area is a magnificently polished 24 light chandelier. Directly behind this place of proclamation hangs a stained wooden cross with a brass cross accentuating the front. 

Rectangle windows are located on the first floor on each side of the building and on the first, second and third floor at the back of the building and are capped off with brick jack design.

The third level foyer has two sets of double doors leading into the church balcony, which seats 80-85, and is also finished out in white. It is bordered with white trimmed safety rail and clear glass. 

A sound room was added to the balcony in 2010. This alumina framed room is equipped with three sliding glass openings and two window panel doors. Regardless of where you may be located within this holy space, you will feel the presence of God and the spirit of God's people who had a mind to work. 

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